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About CVCH HealthCare

We know that health care is provided and delivered on a local basis… so it makes sense to have your health insurance questions and issues handled by friendly, experienced personnel who really know and understand health insurance and your local community.

CVCH was established with one goal in mind—to provide a qualitylocal healthcare option for small and large businesses.  CVCH currently services a 8-county area in Iowa. This concentrated territory lets CVCH focus on providing the best customer service possible.

Find a Provider

We understand the local healthcare community, and we’re completely familiar with local providers.



A local health plan that offers businesses, large and small, a quality healthcare plan with local customer service.


Comprehensive and affordable, we're here to help you find the medical care you need in your community, working with health care professionals you know and trust, in an environment that's familiar and convenient.


Cedar Valley Community Healthcare delivers home town values with national level service offerings. You'll find we're more interested in building relationships than building a business portfolio.

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